Friday, January 21, 2011


Our second "Arctic" animal this month is Penguins!

Book Time!
The first book I read was "Pirate and the Penguin" by Patricia Storms. This book is ridiculous and cute! Just what 4 year olds love!

Next I read "Tree Cheers for Tacky" by Helen Lester. The kids really liked acting out Tacky's silly cheers. It was a good one to get them moving as they were starting to squirm and ask to do the craft!

As we put our floor mats away, the kids practiced their penguin waddle! It was pretty adorable to watch. :)

Craft Time!
I found the penguin mask template on this website. They had originally made them out of foam and just glued the pieces together, but I knew the kids LOVE to color with markers, so I printed out the template onto white cardstock, cut it out and let them color them whatever colors they wanted! Some of them colored them exactly like a penguin looks like and others had rainbow colored penguins! Once they finished, I taped a wooden stick so they could hold them up to their faces. They had a blast pretending to be penguins and searching for fish as they dove in the "ocean"!

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